It is with great pleasure and honour that we welcome you to the 2nd Asian Mediation Association Conference (AMAC). We are hopeful that this 2-day Conference will be an eXcellent forum for delegates to exchange knowledge and share invaluable experiences and hence benefiting participants from mutual exchange of positive ideas about mediation.

In Malaysia, there appear to be a very slow but steady progress in the area of Alternative Dispute esolution, particularly in the area of Mediation. We are certainly grateful to the present Chief Justice, Tun Dato' Seri Zaki b Tun Azmi for having paved the way to referring disputes for Mediation.

The theme for the Conference namely- Rediscovering Mediation in the 21st Century, is quite apt not only in the Malaysian context but also internationally, because many countries all over the world have come to a realisation that mediation does perform a vital role in resolving disputes at all levels particularly in the Commercial sectors, banking industries, human resource industries; and even family disputes.

2nd AMAC Organising Committee comprises a team of committed members ofthe AADR Committee as well as representatives from the KLRCA and the Bar Council secretariat staff who have worked tirelessly towards making this Conference a reality.I wish to take this oppurtunity to sincerely thank each and every one of the team members.

Finally, I wish to express my special thanks to all the sponsors whose generosity have made this Conference possible. I look forward to your participation at this Conference.

Datuk Kuthubul Zaman Bukhari

Asian Mediation Association